Aurora Inn Adventures was born out of a passion for the outdoors and a desire to bring adventure into my everyday life. I also wanted to create opportunities to share my adventures with others and help people find deeper connections to themselves, the outdoors and to others who are on a similar journey. My dream is that Aurora Inn Adventures ignites a desire in guests to embark on a personal journey to find wellness, rejuvenation, a sense of awe and re-wilding.

About 3 years ago, the Aurora Inn Adventures became reality after I purchased a 100 year old brick house in the downtown district of Ironwood, MI as our home base. The idea for Aurora Inn Adventures was formed during one of the many, many times my cousin and I would venture into the woods for a run, a hike, mountain biking, skiing, snowshoeing and more. We realized that there was an opportunity to share our passion for the outdoors and for wellness with others in the place we love the most.

Our plan for the old brick house includes renovating and restoring it to as much the original character as we can. It remains under construction but we plan to offer small group outdoor adventures and retreats with unique lodging, guided adventure experiences and nutritious meals with a focus on overall health and wellness. These experiences would include silent sports activities such as mountain biking, hiking, xc skiing, snowshoeing and paddling on local trails. We also plan to include other wellness classes such as yoga, mindfulness and relaxation.

Currently we are offering day long and half day outdoor adventure retreats. Once the work on the house progresses we’ll begin to offer lodging and food options. Check out our adventures page for upcoming retreats. We hope you join us.

As an Aurora Inn Adventure retreat guest you will be guided on an adventure, receive meals with locally sourced foods keeping nutrition and health in mind, and you will find connection with yourself, nature and others, leaving with a new self confidence, sense of accomplishment and awe of nature and feeling energized to take on whatever lies ahead.

Come and Adventure With Us!