424 E Ayer

The old brick house on the corner of Ayer street and Mansfield in Ironwood MI, was built in the early 1900’s, possibly earlier, by the Nadolney family. Jerome Nadolney was the last family member who lived in the home until about the 1960’s when the house was sold to a family from Minnesota, later bought by another Ironwood native, until I purchased the house April 13, 2018.

I have always loved old house, the character, the stories, the craftsmanship, the details. 424 E Ayer checked all the boxes on my list and it was love at first sight.

Much of the original woodwork remains in the house and the majority of the house was left untouched besides the original kitchen and bathroom. Our intention is to bring the house back to its original state as much as possible, of course with modern amenities. We are currently working on the renovation little by little as we have time.

There is so much wonderful history associated with this home and we’ve started the process of digging and documenting. I’ve recently connected with a grandson of the Nadolney family, who has shared with me priceless stories that I can’t wait to share.

We hope that you stop in to visit, see our progress or to share any stories you may have about the house or the family who lived here.

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