Adventure Book Club

I’ve always enjoyed listening and reading to other people’s great adventure stories. Actually, I just really enjoy listening to people’s stories and tales of experiences in general. I find that stories are inspiring, they generate a sense of curiosity and they create a beautiful connection between the story teller and the listener. Sharing stories, in many cultures, is a practice to pass along traditions, history and memories to the next generation or is used as a manner of transferring information to others.

As I began my journey into exploring the outdoors and taking up adventure based activities, hearing great adventure stories from others became my favorite thing to listen to or to read. Partly, because I was hungry for information about the best places to travel to, but also because I was curious about remote places and the level of “adventure” involved in getting to those places, and I wanted to be inspired and motivated by what other people, women in particular, were accomplishing and overcoming.

Some of my favorite adventure stories consist of memoirs from women doing amazing hiking adventures (Wild By Cheryl Strayed), women riding across remote places (Lands of Lost Borders: A Journey on the Silk Road By Kate Harris), (Rush To Glory : Adventure, Risk and Triumph on the Road Less Traveled By Rebecca Rusch) and women going on great solo adventures. I can’t get enough of the recounts of these types of incredible, personal journeys.

In the last few years, my life has gotten busy and distracted and I’ve found less time to dedicate to reading and for adventure and exploration. To help me to redirect, to get me out of the slump, I came up with the idea of, Adventure Book Club, to give me a reason to get back to reading and to provide a space for friends and strangers to gather, to share adventures and to listen to stories.

I hope you’ll join us for Adventure Book Club to find inspiration in other peoples stories, to seek your own new adventures, to nourish your soul and to find connections.

Contact us for upcoming book club get togethers.

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